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Volatile Bronwynne Blake


Bronwynne Blake

Kindle Edition
179 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

My newest novel Volatile delves into the larger-than-life character of James Templeton, a Fortune 500 CEO and philanthropist whose private life is shrouded in mystery. Haunting him is the fear that unleashing his hidden demons would destroy all he’s spent a lifetime building.Enter Melinda Sharpe, recently abandoned by her husband, without the means to care for herself or her young, handicapped son. Templeton finds her dire need compelling and hires her on the spot as his secretary. Working in such close proximity, he also finds himself inexorably drawn to her personally. Yet he has secrets to keep. An outside threat then opens the door for him to propose marriage. Needing this protection, she accepts. Yet he still has secrets to keep.Their relationship becomes a dance of her attempts to breach his wall of secrecy, and his need to keep dark things concealed. Her compulsion to know, yet her fear of knowing. In the end, an unexpected tragedy brings down that wall. Does this revelation have the power to destroy their relationship and send her into the waiting arms of another man? Or can they overcome the frightful dangers besetting her fiancé?Volatile is densely packed with emotion, from the very first page ‘til the last. It is a suspenseful story of human suffering, love, and redeeming compassion. And it will leave the reader guessing the outcome throughout.