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All the Ice of Africa Silent Creek

All the Ice of Africa

Silent Creek

Published April 27th 2006
ISBN : 9780595382606
160 pages
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 About the Book 

Charly, a penguin from Antarctica, is extremely worried about global warming and climate change. He makes a journey to New York City to confront human beings and their political leaders at the United Nations. Charly claims that the earth has been destroyed by wastefulness, destruction of natural habitats, and climatic calamity and demands that they purchase a new planet. Along the way, Charly the penguin meets many friends who help him in his quest: twelve-year-old Kwa Marita Ne, Jr., who lives in Mquesha, a small village in Ciskei, South Africa- Fipsi the zebra- Builtherself, an artificially created machine that is also a nature-based being- Serendipity the elephant- and Oscar the ostrich. As Charly and his friends fill out all the necessary paperwork and formulate their plan of action, another group is also plotting. Members of the World Bank as well as many HINWIs (high net worth individuals) and U-HINWIs (ultra-high net worth individuals) are deceitfully proposing to purchase a new planet to which they would let the penguins travel once earth has been used up-but their contribution will be the oil and gold of Antarctica.Will Charlys desperate pleas be resolved before Earths resources are exhausted?