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Full Court Press Ashley  Rose

Full Court Press

Ashley Rose

Published November 3rd 2013
Kindle Edition
456 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When eighteen-year-old Carmondy Hamilton moves across the country and starts a new school midway through her senior year, she immediately finds herself drawn to Beck Nicholson. They share a love for basketball, and he is tall, brooding and gorgeous. Soon, he is showing her new moves, both on and off the court, but he lets her know in no uncertain terms that he wants to keep it casual. However, soon their physical relationship heats up, they venture into the world of light domination, and a fragile trust grows between them.Beck has a dark secret that hes never shared with anyone, and when Carmondy takes matters into her own hands and discovers the truth, Beck feels betrayed. Can she convince someone whos never let anyone in that its ok to ask for help? And when he realizes that hes pushed her out of his life completely, can this dominant bad boy learn that when you love someone, sometimes you have to submit?