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Lighting the Fire: (Warlocks MC Erotica) (The Warlocks MC Book 1) Selina Kinsey

Lighting the Fire: (Warlocks MC Erotica) (The Warlocks MC Book 1)

Selina Kinsey

Kindle Edition
25 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The crack came hard and fast across my backside. Searing pain shot through me and I couldn’t stifle the yelp. He ran a hand up my naked back, slowly and gently, but then he grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled. This brute had me, and I was powerless to do anything except think about what got me here.Lighting in the Fire Book 1 in the Warlocks MC SeriesStacy is fed up. She hates her job, her boyfriend dumped her for someone younger, and her roommate is going out every single night and hooking up. It seems all Stacy has the energy for is these days is sitting on the couch watching TV. Until she gets involved with the Warlocks MC.Stacy is swept up by the freedom these men offer. They live life by their own rules with no one to tell the otherwise. The more time she spends with these outlaws the more obsessed she becomes with their lifestyle. No rules, no one to tell her how to live, and she can be with as many of them as she wants.But all isn’t well with the MC. A rival gang is threatening a territory war. The Warlocks need a lot of money fast and Stacy knows just where to get it.Warning:This 6,000 word first book in the Warlocks MC Series and is intended for mature audiences 18 and over. It contains scenes of erotic sex with rough and ready bad boy bikers doing whatever they like. Buyer Beware -)Excerpt:He lifted me onto the counter and dropped his boxers. He pushed my panties to the side and fucked me right there. I grabbed the refrigerator to hold steady while his hands reached inside my shirt and squeezed my tits. I reached down and grabbed his rock hard ass and pushed him harder into me.“Tell me how much you love this,” he said.“I love this. God, I need this.”